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Why choose us?

  • Company owned by 100% bumiputra.
  • We are a registered manufacturer.
  • Reasonable and appropriate price according to budget and customer requirements.
  • Save Cost - do not need to invest a lot of money to get expensive machines.
  • GMP Cosmetics rated MOH (Ministry of Health Malaysia).
  • Cosmetic and Food Halal Class
  • Having a separate manufacturing and storage plant according to the type of product suitable for large quantities of orders.
  • We will manage from A-Z (raw materials, R & D, manufacturing process, design, product packaging, KKM registration and Halal certificate, finished product)


Our expertise in making the following products:

  • Food & Drink
  • Dairy Milk Powder
  • Fruit Cordial
  • Food Botanical Beverages
  • Flavored Drink
  • Cereal, tea, coffee & cocoa product


  • Skin Whitening Product
  • Cream emulsion lotion and oil for skin
  • Product for external intimate hygiene

Hair Care Product:

  • Cleaning product (lotion, powder, shampoo)
  • Conditioning Product (lotion, powder, oil)
  • Bath and shower preparations (salt, foams, oil, gel etc)

* Research and Development (New Product)


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